One of the most important ceremonies in earlier times was the formal naming of a child. In Roman times, the child was not considered a member of the family until the father held the naming ceremony. In modern times the naming of a child is still considered a special event, worthy of ceremony and recognition.  

Naming ceremonies welcome the child or baby into the family circle and wider circle of the community. It parallels the christening ceremony without religious content.

Although the ceremony does have a touch of formality, the gathering is informal and very family oriented. Special promises are made by the parents, god parents and sometimes grandparents. Certificates and a keep sake booklet are presented to the baby/child. The god parents and grandparents may also be presented with a certificate as special memento.


This is a perfect opportunity for families and friends to gather together in a relaxed environment demonstrating a strong support network for the child being named.


To picture the new addition being "blended" into the family unit, a sand blending ceremony or a unity candle ceremony can be added with great effect.


Naming Cermonies offer a relaxed style enabling you to choose a venue of your choice, often times your own home or in a local park.